The benefits of Goat Yoga, in DeLand or anywhere, start with the reasons for yoga itself. Yoga enables us to be our best selves, to be okay with just being, and to be free from negativity that surrounds us in our day-to-day lives. Yoga helps us unite our mind, body, and spirit, and helps quiet the ego. Yoga’s yamas and niyamas teach kindness, compassion, truthfulness, non-judgment, and self-discipline. We learn to relinquish hostility and to live less materially, and more cleanly—to honor ourselves, our environment, and the other living beings that surround us.

So it follows as a natural progression to practice yoga in a serene, outdoor surrounding, engaging with nature and with gentle little animals that just assume there is universal acceptance, peace, and love everywhere. There is a soothing harmony of mind, body, nature and animals, that is also seasoned with unexpected outbursts of playful serendipity!

There may also be some physical benefits—though they might just be from all the laughing. Recent studies show significantly better moods and happiness as immediate side effects, as well as even decreased blood pressure as a result of regular practice.

Another study reveals a positive effect on the immune system, and it is no surprise that laughter reverses the stress response with lowered levels of cortisol, and alters dopamine and serotonin activity, making it an excellent form of alternative therapy.

Plus, a 25 pound goat can add a little extra resistance to your planks. Your balance will also be tested with goats running around you.

Goat yoga class members all seem to agree that they leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, while also uplifted and happy because of their new animal friends. Many stay for awhile afterwards just to hold and spend more time with the cuddly little creatures.

Some say that goat yoga is really helping people in a tangible way as folks claim it helps them overcome anxiety and depression while recovering from cancer or other illnesses. Goats are also used in animal-assisted therapy for people that suffer from depression or disabilities. It doesn’t actually cure diseases, but it helps people cope with whatever they are going through.

Understandably, it is probably hard to stay sad and depressed when there are cute baby goats jumping on you. Plus it fills a basic human need which is to connect with animals and nature. And we know that a positive, uplifted countenance has been scientifically proven to have great healing powers.

Goat yoga will relieve your stress like any good yoga class should, and you will undoubtably exercise your smile muscles. Your core might even hurt from an abundance of laughter. But, If nothing else, goat yoga will definitely lift your spirits and soothe your soul.




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